The focus of the MSc Program in Strategic Product Design is on the ‘fuzzy’ strategic stage, which precedes the actual development of a new product or service. The program puts emphasis on translating corporate strategy in coherence with market developments and market opportunities into a sound product development portfolio.

The Master program in Strategic Product Design gives you the tools to successfully explore and exploit market opportunities – and create great products – by thinking strategically about product design and development. With the help of techniques such as market and trend analyses and consumer research, and by giving consideration to future scenarios, government policies, environmental requirements and new technologies, you gain insight into the processes that drive strategic product design and the informed selection of suitable market opportunities to pursue. The program covers product launch, analysis of economic rationales, project leadership and the international dimension of product development. You will learn how to transform intangibles, such as the corporate mission and brand identity, into successful product concepts.

More detailed information about the master Strategic Product Design, can be found on the website of the TU Delft.

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