What can you expect from us?

Great products and services don’t just happen! SPD students can bring new ideas and perspectives to companies. Strategic Designers help companies conceptualize, develop and introduce strategically sound, sustainable and commercially successful products and services for clients and customers who live and act in the real world.

Strategic Product Designers have an extensive knowledge on new product development processes and can consult companies in the following innovation areas:
Brand-driven innovation
Portfolio diversification
New product development
Service design
Strategic value of design
User-centered innovation
Marketing strategies
New business models

Our aim is to increase the dialogue about the future of Strategic Product Design and create close links between students, academia and industry.We bring motivated students and industry together which enables students to have a look into the professional life and companies to scout enthusiastic students. We hope to grow friendships and professional networks through our community.

We organize workshops, projects and events for creating collaboration between companies and our network of SPD students. For more detailed information about a possible collaboration, please have a look in our brochure.

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